What Happens When You Get A Seizure Letter From Customs


I received a letter from us customs and border protection has seized a package in my name that has a controlled substance the options are to sign the paper to voluntarily abandon the item or after 60 days it will become abandoned. Tender an offer in compromise (i.e., a settlement payment)through the fines, penalties, and forfeitures office at the relevant port of seizure, pursuant to 19 u.s.c.

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The petition is the means by which the owner of the cargo may seek to persuade u.s.


What happens when you get a seizure letter from customs. My letter just said that you should not order things that require a prescription and that was all. Hello jacustomer, it would appear that you were sent contraband and you received notice that customs has your property. There are 2 places in the letter where i can check abandon the property.

60 dayshow long does it take to get a seizure letter from customs? I'm almost out of tren, so i'll be back to my usual chipper self in a week or two. 90% of the foreign sources have a one week turn around.

Customs to release the seized shipment.the petition should follow the guidelines set forth by u.s. I have seen cases where a package is taken in the country it's leaving though. It looks from the letter that my best bet is send it back and check abandon the property.

There is no way for them to red flag your address, logistically it is impossible, they don't enter every address on every shipment that comes through customs. They seized sleeping pills valued at $726. A response is called a “petition”.

And it was from customs telling me they siezed 254 clen pills. Now i will deny ever ordering it. For the sake of others, please post a link to the headphones so we can avoid them.

So i got a orange card in the mail saying i had a certified letter at the post office. The paralegal will send you a “seizure notice” and you have 30 days to respond to (yes, extensions are typically given freely, as long as they are requested before the 30 days expiration). Our customs notifies other countries that they have a drug dealer sending drugs out of their postal system.

Now the letter says i have options and one of t5hem is take no action at which time they will dispose of the pills. I received a seizure letter for a package sent last year. Scheduled stuff is a different story.

I received a notice of seizure and information to claimants letter from customs and border patrol (which i have attached to this question. If it is pharmaceuticals (which get seized al the damn time at customs) you will almost always only get a ll the first time (second time you are lucky imo) unless it is an opiate like oxycontin, or is anything in raw powder form (in either of those cases you will probably get a controlled delivery and raided). Just received a letter from us customs and border protection.

Oct 11 2020 once a seizure notice is received, the “violator” is provided 30 days to file a petition with customs. What happens when you get a seizure letter from customs answered by: You should ignore the letter and talk to a lawyer.

A petition should be prepared by an expert in customs cases. Once a package is flagged and seized, in most cases a letter is sent from the confiscating party to the individual who ordered the package. If you paid via paypal or credit card you may have some chance of getting your money back.

Sep 21, 2014 · the letter is just a warning and now anything comming in from over seas might get checked under the name used and that address, so you can always use a different name and address and try again untill that gets flagged. I went and got it. And that proper paperwork is not attainable, is there a criminal penalty to this?

To contact them about the package could cause you to incriminate yourself and you have an absolute right not to do that. The seizure notice or seizure letter will inform you feds have your package in hand and will further advise you on your rights and methods of challenge. Notice of seizure and information and to claimants form af.

You could also try forwarding a copy of the seizure notice to the seller aand demanding a refund. § 1617 and 19 c.f.r §§ 161.5 and 171.31; Mar 11, 2016 · re:

Do you always get a seizure letter if your package was seized by customs. What happens when you get a seizure letter from customs? Yes you will get a seizure letter if the us customs takes it.

Yes, you can respond to the letter and challenge the. If i take no action am i going to get arrested? Following the seizure, customs must send you a cafra notice of seizure that further details the seizure (why it was seized, date, location seized, and additional facts).

My concern is about what happens after i check the box #3 that says i abandon the property. In this case you won't get a notice. You will get the seizure notice in the mail and it will be sent certified mail (you sign the green card, or you will receive a notice to pick up the certified mail letter at.

Once a seizure notice is received, the violator is provided 30 days to file a petition with customs. If you get a letter from the us customs / border protection service saying they seized a package that they believe you have an interest in, and that package would be in violation of federal law regarding a list 1 chemical according to the dea, which was not accompanied by the proper dea paperwork.

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What Happens When You Get A Seizure Letter From Customs

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