If you're folding a longer sweater, fold the bottom part up a quarter of the way before folding the sweater in half. Fold the sweater in half horizontally.

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Next, fold the sleeves over and onto each other.

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How to hang sweaters to save space. Take the left sleeve and fold it over the base toward you. Hang a skubb organizer on the rod and store your winter hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, purses, and clutches or wallet in. Never hang sweaters because they will stretch and lose their shape.

Sweaters take up a ton of space on the shelf and are always left with lines and creases when you fold them. Save space by using a soda can tab and attaching it to a hanger to save space. Next time you wash the sweater, gently reshape the shoulders with your fingers, then let it dry flat while resting on a towel.

Use these organization tips when you fold your clothes to save space. Take the right sleeve and fold it over the base away from your body. Repeat on the other side.

You start by folding your sweater in half, then lay the hanger on your sweater with the hanger hook poking out from the armpit crease. Lift the left side of the sweater and fold it inward so the shoulder meets the center of the sweater's back. The gist of it is, you fold the sweater in half lengthwise, then lay the hanger on top, so the hook is in the armpit.

This storage method is especially important if you must store sweaters in a basement or damp area for a couple of months. Repeat on the right side. The top of the sleeve should be even with the edge of the sweatshirt's hood, and should make a.

Picture ledges are great way to open up storage opportunities when you don’t have a lot of floor space. Turn the folded sweater over and store it on a closet shelf or in a dresser drawer. Start with the right sleeve.

How to hang a sweater: Add some shelves and drawers among the hanging clothes. With the sweater face down, fold the sleeve in toward the center of the sweater.

For best results, give your clothes a quick roll. Have a rod in your closet? This will help break up the space and allow you to fold items such as jeans and sweaters so they don’t take up space on hangers.

Marvel at all the space you’re saving The hanger also fits nicely on a detached clothes rack! No more digging through and making a mess!

Install one on an open wall, and attach a rail to its underside. Then, fold the body and the sleeves of the sweater over the hanger. This will let you hang hooks for clothes, bags and jackets.

Then, fold the sleeve from the collar to the ends to the center of your garment on both sides. If you must store in a basement, although this option is not ideal, use silica packets or another moisture absorber inside an airtight container. Fold the sleeve across the sweatshirt.

Lay your sweater or long sleeved shirt down backward. This way of hanging your sweater won’t stretch the fabric! Use these simple life hacks to help you with your clothes in the closet.

Bring the bottom hem up and fold the sweater in half. You don’t ever want to hang a sweater on a wire hanger from the dry cleaners. Flip the bottom part of your garment to meet the top and flip over and stack.

Marvel at all the space you’re saving however, it is best not to do this by placing a regular clothes hanger at the neck of the jacket, as this often causes the jacket to lose its shape. Instead of stacking them on top of one another, place them vertically like shown in the picture below. Folded is the best choice.

This will give you more drawer space and visibility so you can see all of your items. Skubb hanging storage, £7, ikea. They, you fold the sleeves and body over the hanger so that the sweater is secure.

Fold sweater in half over hanger fold your sweater in half horizontally over the base of the hanger (as demonstrated in the video above). This awesome tip will also help your sweaters keep their shape! With six compartments, it will give extra storage for folded items, like knitwear or jeans, but folds away easily when not needed.

Keep sweaters in an airtight container temporarily. For a quick fix , rub wet fingers vigorously over the misshapen spot. Hanging cubbies to store winter clothes, purses, and clutches ikea.

9) sweater or long sleeved shirt. If you have to hang them do invest in those thick, padded hangers to preserve the shape of the shoulder. Simply fold your sweaters like you normally would (or check out our folding video above).

This will help break up the space and allow you to fold items such as jeans and sweaters so they don’t take up space on hangers. Save space and use a shoe cubby for your bulky clothing shoe cubbies make great storage for sweaters and jeans, and you’ll save lots of room by using up that vertical space rather than putting them on hangers.

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