This quest is given to you after you complete the born in darkness 4 quest. If you have them, all.

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After this, you need to go to the ziggurat and climb up the steps to acquire your new aspect.

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How to get two aspects destiny 2. Undoubtedly most customizable class in destiny 2, players will need to work to even unlock this subclass let alone the various aspects and fragments tied to them. To get your second aspect, the first thing you need to do is do the next step of the born in darkness quest that tasks you with killing enemies on europa with stasis and then completing three. Destiny 2 guardians wanting to acquire these new season of the chosen aspects will need to.

For completion's sake, we are going to cover how to complete both quests. To start things up the first thing you need to do on how to unlock fragments and aspects in destiny 2 beyond light is complete the beyond light campaign. Beyond light introduces a new subclass to destiny 2 that is unlike any other.

How to obtain your second aspect. It effectively spawns a glacier grenade in. To get the new stasis aspects in destiny 2 season of the chosen, guardians must first play through the season’s introductory mission.

This guide has been updated with information about the fourth stasis aspect available in season of the splicer. Along with the new seasonal content you need to keep your focus on the new stasis aspects that have been added to the game. And warlocks can get one where they can turn their stasis grenade into a stasis turret that freezes enemies in place.

These new stasis aspects can further customize guardians’ subclasses and make each of them unique. The first week of destiny 2: Each aspect comes with its own benefits and since you can have 2 equipped at any given time, adds a lot to your gameplay builds.

To unlock the second aspect for your stasis subclass, you must complete the aspect of destruction quest from the exo stranger. Press and hold the grenade button to convert the grenade into a stasis turret that fires slowing projectiles at nearby targets. This aspect grants one fragment slot.

Aspects come with different perks each, providing a couple of ways that you can build your character. The mission commences as soon as players load into the new season for the first time, where they will watch a cinematic and then engage in a new activity: Beyond light is available via steam.

Destiny 2 | how to get fragments & aspects! This is how to get aspects destiny 2. So, there you have it.

This aspect grants two fragment slots. Once you have finished the campaign you will need to visit the exo stranger on europa and she will give you the born in darkness quest, which is the initial quest to unlocking the fragments and. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

If you want to unlock the aspect of influence you'll need to have obtained the prior two aspects prior to starting the quest. Destiny 2 recently brought us its 13th season, season of the chosen, and alongside with it we have some new stasis aspects to hunt down. Titans can get one where them sliding through crystals will shatter said crystals.

Rather than choosing from top, middle, or bottom tree builds like a traditional subclass, stasis allows you to customize your subclass using a new system called aspects and fragments.aspects are powerful new abilities that each subclass can equip, while fragments are passive bonuses. These shards grant melee energy when picked up by guardians or their allies. This aspect grants two fragment slots.

Beyond light already allowed guardians to pick up several perks and boosts for the stasis subclass. Once again, assuming you put in the time and grinded out the laundry list of quests to get the most out of behemoth, you'll have unlocked an aspect and gained access to fragments from the exo stranger. We might see additional stasis aspects in destiny 2:

Destiny 2 brings yet another season, i.e., season of the splicer to make the guardians explore the various contents of the season. How to get the new season of the splicer stasis aspects in destiny 2 via Hopefully, this was helpful for you.

Your first aspect will be cryoclasm, and it is gloriously made for ice wall destruction. To get the second aspect, players will need to complete the born in darkness part 4 quest offered by the exo stranger.

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