This one’s easy to find in supermarkets. Of course, the flavor profile of strawberry soju, with additional fruity sweetness compared to original or fresh varieties, gives you more options than just drinking it straight up.

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Jual Jinro Strawberry Soju 360ml Di Seller Kenz Handler – Kota Tangerang Banten Blibli

Strawberry soju is most commonly drunk neat.

jinro chamisul jinro strawberry soju 360ml full01 eh3bkvb4

How to drink soju strawberry. A strawberry milkshake with a boozy twist! I guess i'm getting units of alcohol confused with standard drinks when they talk about how many drinks you can have without having an illegal bac. Bearing in mind its half the strength of vodka.

A popular local favorite is the kiwi soju cocktail. 3 strawberries (for muddling) 1 strawberry (sliced for garnish) 5 mint leaves (for muddling) mint sprig (for garnish) 1 yakult 60 ml jinro chamisul strawberry soju. 2 using the yogurt drink's canister, measure 1 part of your chosen jinro soju and pour it into the glass.

Shop korean ingredients and cookware: How to drink soju peach. The soju is much sweeter in a fruity cocktail form and far easier to handle.

Mix in chopped fresh fruit like strawberries for added flavor. Pour 60 ml jinro chamisul strawberry soju stir and garnish with sliced strawberries and mint sprig. Soju comes mainly in bottles about the size of american beer bottles:

Jinro publishes cocktail recipes on its website, which range from the simple, like the jinro soju sunrise (2 ounces jinro soju, 4 ounces pineapple juice), to the complicated, like the jinro summer. 1 in a drinking glass, pour your choice of yogurt drink. If you would like to drink cocktails in south korea, be.

You can try an american yogurt drink if you don't have access to the korean yogurt, as long as it's not too thick. Both the glass that’s being refilled and the bottle being poured should be held with two hands. Other cocktail concoctions include strawberry, lemon and banana.

If you’re drinking soju straight, which is the most common approach, it’s served in a shot glass. So soju = 330 x 20 x 0.001 = 6.6 units. You can use the plain (regular) flavor, but people do use peach, strawberry, orange, melon, lychee, mango, and other fruit varieties as well.

3 using the same canister, measure 2 parts of lime soda and add it in. Do what you will with that information… Any of these flavors can be used to make your yogurt soju cocktail.

For our soju, we used the jinro chamisul brand. With korea’s drinkers tending to drink soju in shots, served chilled and poured straight into a shot glass, this is no exception. You return the favor when the time is right (whatever you do, don’t drink straight from the bottle).

This delicious drink is a simple mixture of kiwi juice, soju and ice. With an alcohol content of 13%, jinro strawberry is a perfect match for any occasion. But that’s the medical recommendation.

Similar to the screw bar soju, the main ingredient of this beverage is the melona ice cream. Add the two bottles of 65ml yakult. The melona keeps your soju cold and turns your drink into a hard milkshake.

If you’re drinking soju like most people, it’s unlikely that you’re only going to have one shot an hour. Pour 1 bottle of yakult. You may pour the whole bottle or not, depending on how strong you want your soju drink to be.

Honeydew, strawberry, banana and mango. Pour the whole bottle of soju in a separate container. After all, soju is an alcoholic drink, and water is not.

It’s a popular korean ice cream that comes in 4 flavours: Check out the video below for a. You simply blitz them all in a blender and pour it in the glass.

It’s deliciously blended with all sorts of fruits (such as strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and even peaches!). Can you drink soju straight from the bottle? Just a word of caution, yoghurt soju is so tasty to drink that you might.

1 bottle of jinro fresh soju.

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